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Happy Birthday SPOC!  (Self-Publishers of Chicago)

The artists and organizers of SPOC held their birthday bash at Uncharted Books (which is nominated for Best Bookstore in the Chicago Reader…. soooooo, ya know, go vote for them). There were readings, party hats, cake, and beer! 

I did some sketches in a pocket-sized sketchbook I made before going to the event.

From left to right:

Grant Reynolds, operator of computer-ma-thingy

Meghan McGrath quizzed us with a multiple choice survey that determined what kind of firedog we were meant to be.

Nikki Yowell hosted the event and ended the night with a State of the SPOC Address, performing an epic rap (with handmade bling in the shape of a stapler made out of tin foil with googly eyes) honoring the legacy and determination of DIY/zine culture.

Jonas Cannon read his story ‘Terror Mansion’ from SPOC’s latest publication ‘Ghostly Stories’.

Eric Bartholomew read from his seventh volume of ‘Junk Drawer’ sharing stories of his adventures in search of numerous obscure knick-knacks, appliances, out-of-date appliances, and old buildings and businesses of downtown Chicago (his reading reminded me of Ben Katchor’s wonderful character Julius Kniple: Real Estate Photographer).

Elizabeth Tierei performed her poem ‘The Haunting Relic’ with two assistants, a static tv screen,in a dark bookstore illuminated only by the soft tint of the Christmas lights above their heads.

Awesome job, SPOC! 

Viva la zine!

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