Alex Nall

Teaching Artist.
Chicago, Il.

The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo was incredible. I was overjoyed to meet some of my favorite cartoonists and personal heroes, acquire their pen strokes in the pages of my sketchbook, and even have a couple of minutes talking about making comics with them. I also met some really amazing artists I had never heard of before and am really grateful that some of them traded their work with me in exchange for a ‘Morbid Dork #1’. I had no idea that this event would be happening when I moved to Chicago, so now having attended and being inspired and motivated by so many different artists (renowned and aspiring, like me) I am even happier that I’ve moved to the city. There are many highlights (as I will reveal in a work I will post shortly), but my favorite thing said at C.A.K.E was by John Porcellino. During the conversation with Anders Nilsen and Kevin Huizenga, he mentioned that he suffered from OCD and bouts of depression. He told the audience that making comics made him crazy, but that he felt three times as crazy when he wasn’t making them. “Some days I just have to look at the pencil on the desk and remind myself, ‘This is why I’m here. This is my purpose. This is what I was put on this earth to do’”. I was also really excited to see that all the copies of ‘Morbid Dork #1’ I put out on the FREE table were snatched up very quickly! Thanks to everyone who talked to me, gave me words of wisdom, signed my sketchbook, and participated in this year’s amazing convention!

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